About Khawaja Enterprises

Khawaja Enterprises is a family owned company; it was established in 1973 in a famous Textile city of Pakistan called Faisalabad. The company started from trading of textile dyes stuff and is today khawaja Enterprises is one of the most reputed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of superior quality of printing, dyeing chemicals and specialty chemicals for the textile industry. Starting from few employees and a turnover of 500 millions, Khawaja Enterprises has grown systematically, achieving now, in its 45th year of existence, coresponding to a number of 3 companies and over number of employees.

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  • Textile

    Enhanced performance
    of textile chemicals.

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  • Shoe Adhesive Chemicals

    and exporting
    quality& shoe adhesive.

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  • Solvents

    Importing Organic and
    inorganic solvents.

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  • Fuel

    Compelete solution
    for fuel

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