Wood Trading

Khawaja Enterprises is engaged in wood trading of all kinds of wood from all over the world since 1995. We always try to keep our business patners and clients happy with quality service. Our fast running wood products are Swan Timber, Plywood and Insulation Board.

Sawn Timber & Planed Woods

Softwood Timber

Soft Timber

We deal in Pine (redwood) , Spruce (whitewood) and Larch. All is sorted/graded as per buyers request, KD or unseasoned. We do planning and profiling as per customer need: S2S; S4S; rounded; decking; wall panelling, etc.

Hardwood Timber

Hard Timber

We deals in Birch; Beech, Alder and Oak. All is sorted/graded as per buyers request, KD or unseasoned. We offer sawn boards, sawn or planed elements and profiled goods.

Plywood & Chip Board



We deal in Birch and Alder. Both, exterior and interior grades are available. Thickness from 4mm up to 21mm. Sheet sizes 1525mm x 1525mm; 1200mm x 2400mm; 1200mm x 2500mm. Also film faced product is available.


Chipboard Wood

Wide range of sizes and thicknesses are available. Please contact with your inquiries.

Insulation Boards

Insulation Board Woord


Low density fibreboard heat-insulating boards from wood-fibered material is completely environmentally friendly product. Input material is raw wood of coniferous species. Boards can be used for building, repairing of external and internal constructions, rebuilding operation with partial or full replacement of old heat insulating and for thermal modernization of the building. Available maximum width 2.9 m, thickness Рfrom 20 to 220 mm. The length can be chosen by customer.